Bashli Consulting Pte. Ltd.

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Company details:

Entity name: Bashli Consulting Pte. Ltd. (202134219M)

Business address: Dalvey Court, 28 Dalvey Estate, #07-34, Postal 259548

Registration date: 2021-10-01

Issuance: ACRA

More details:

UEN: 202134219M

Uen issue date: 2021-10-01

Main category: 2021-10-01

Secondary category: Management Advisory Consultancy On Corporate Payment And Collection Services

Secondary details: Local Company


28, Dalvey Estate, Tanglin, Singapore, Central, 297753, Singapore

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    Dalvey Court, 28 Dalvey Estate, #07-34, Postal 259548


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    Yes, you can get on this page navigation directions to Bashli Consulting Pte. Ltd.

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